No to the revival of segregation

By Aaron Berhane December 2, 2007 A group of individuals is campaigning to establish a black-focused school. ‘Our kids are not learning black hi...

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By Aaron Berhane
December 2, 2007

A group of individuals is campaigning to establish a black-focused school. ‘Our kids are not learning black history; the dropout rate of our kids is increasing due to racial pressure; and there is no justice in our school system.’ They mentioned several problems and called for the establishment of black-centered schools as a solution.

This notion is not only an abortive idea that lacks long-term vision, but also has the potential to destroy our children’s future Whatever curriculum is drafted, segregation is totally wrong. It narrows students’ thinking; widens the gap between different ethnicities; weakens our tolerance for and respect toward various cultures. Moreover, it will encourage prejudice against blacks to flourish. Blacks who learn in segregated schools will be perceived as less intelligent and unable to keep up pace with others.

Education doesn’t start or end in school. It is learned at home, from neighbours, in the workplace, etc. It is a dynamic knowledge that’s acquired from society. Sending our kids to black-focused schools will not solve the problem of education. Other ethnic groups will not even have a clue about the positive contributions black people make if kids learn about black history only in isolated schools.

If we think that we’re providing fairness and justice to our kids by placing them in designated school for blacks, we won’t have prepared a safe environment for them in the wider society out there. In brief, this is not a bridge toward success but a tunnel towards failure. It’s a wall that restricts their progress.

Opening a black-centered school is not does not solve the challenges our kids have. Instead, we need to work hard at fixing the educational system; call for a review of the curriculum; set up a black-focused school as an extra-curricular pursuit on Saturdays or Sundays; campaign for books to be read in school that describes the positive contribution of blacks; recruit more black educators; and call for teachers to be trained extensively about various cultures. an extensive diversity training to teachers about various cultures.

Therefore, we have to stand up to preserve what Nelson Mandela struggled for, and which Dr. Martin Luther paid for with his life. Segregation is an evil idea and we should never allow it to revive. No more segregation!